Big Squid, Inc. Welcomes Jorge Zuloaga as Senior Director of Data Sciences

The Utah-based startup continues to grow its team, as well as the development and adoption of their proprietary software platform for advanced forecasting and planning capabilities via machine learning

Salt Lake City, UT, March 8, 2018 – Big Squid, Inc., is pleased announce its hire of Jorge Zuloaga, an expert in the field of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for business decision makers. Zuloaga joins the Big Squid leadership team as the Senior Director of Data Sciences. Within this role, Zuloaga will work within various departments solving Data Science problems as they relate to specific functions. His role also includes providing thought leadership, guidance and innovative insights for the product and engineering teams to design, deploy, and support the industry’s leading Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics platform for businesses.

"This is an exciting time to extract great value from data across all industries. We have tools that empower everyone to adopt Machine Learning for smarter decision-making,” Zuloaga said. “We are vastly expanding the circle of practitioners in the predictive analytics space: analysts with domain knowledge of their business can now train and deploy Machine Learning models without writing a single line of code; data scientists can increase their productivity by spending more time focusing on ideas and less time implementing them.”

He continued, “ I am looking forward to taking companies on a performance-improvement journey through the adoption of Machine Learning."

Jorge received his masters in mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Canada and his Ph.D. in computational physics from Rice University in Houston, TX. His work in computational mathematics and physics has spanned several fields, from particle physics to quantum plasmonics. He has been a visiting researcher at DESY in Hamburg, Germany and the Institute of Physics, CSIS, in Madrid, Spain. Following his graduate work, he joined the faculty at Rice University where he taught and conducted research. Since leaving academia for a career in technology, he has worked for Alliance Health and for Health Catalyst, where he focused on Machine Learning applications in healthcare.

“Jorge is a tremendous find and addition to our team at Big Squid.  His enthusiasm is contagious, a genuine passion for creating data science solutions that everyday decision makers can actually use.  This is core to what we're helping to solve at Big Squid. His expertise will be felt throughout our organization and ultimately result in more impactful, value-creating machine learning solutions for our customers. Excited to have him on board!”, said Nick Magnuson, Big Squid’s VP of Product.

Big Squid’s Kraken™ Platform puts the power of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning into the hands of the business user and decision maker, allowing organizations to gain insight into future trends and act with greater certainty, all while leveraging existing Data & Analytics teams and technology. With Kraken™, organizations can easily construct machine learning models in three easy steps, forecast key business metrics and explore different “what if” scenarios a business could take to make smarter decisions faster.

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About Big Squid, Inc: Big Squid was founded nine years ago to provide much-needed automation and scale in the Data & Analytics space through a combination of software and services. Our evolution and software development efforts are rooted in addressing real-world business outcomes associated with Data & Analytics deployments across nearly every industry. We focus specifically on the executive and business users’ need to effectively forecast business outcomes and build a business action plan grounded in greater mathematical certainty and ROI. With so much data readily accessible, we’ve built Kraken™, an innovative software platform providing automated access to the power of machine learning for existing Data & Analytics teams and technology investments. With more accurate forecasts and more mathematically sound business insights in hand, executives and business leaders can prescribe action to drive more profitable and effective outcomes. Simply put, we help businesses look ahead, and to be proactive instead of reactive to make smarter decisions faster.Seed Funding Press Release. Series A Funding Press Release. For more information, please visit